Our Team

In 2002, James Gibson was personally instrumental in the renaissance of the SE Asian based practice of DCM in Hong Kong, directing a seamless transition of the practice into the vibrant, highly responsive, and uniquely creative architectural design studio that is today DCMSTUDIOS. This transformation was achieved with the dedicated support of an established and dedicated professional team that remains the critical professional framework of the design studio today.

DCMSTUDIOS core team consists of Liam Ferguson & Chris Chambers who along with Andy Ko & Chris Skinn lead the various teams of Associates, Architects, Urban Planners, Interior Designers & technical support. Together with James, they form the integrated framework of an uncompromising practice. The Hong Kong practice, which is the executive design studio for the group, retains a thriving professional complement of over 40 design staff. The architectural design team is drawn from a diverse international resource base. Trained and educated in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, South East Asia, Hong Kong and China, the multi-disciplinary team offers fluent local-language support for the regional territories including Putonghua, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and Bahasa.

Through a dedicated program of continuous education, the DCMSTUDIOS team is encouraged to travel both extensively and internationally to keep their skills appraised of new developments and technologies that are applicable to the industry. With this outstanding reputation for innovation and excellence, the studio participates regularly in technical and design conferences and is fortunate to be invited to participate in major architectural design competitions